Angelika Nürnberger, Autor bei Deciding is now called Conciding - Concide

  • First CONCIDE Trainer Training

    In January we trained our first four CONCIDE Trainers. They will support us to introduce the business app CONCIDE in organizations and companies. In the BayernLab Wunsiedel we found the perfect training surroundings.

    After three intensive and inspiring days of training we are happy to have founded our pioneer group of CONCIDE trainers.

  • CONCIDE at the HR Innovation Christmas Special in Leipzig

    We were invited to Leipzig for a Christmas Special as part of the annual HR Innovation Days. The keynote was: “HR Management Reloaded – Digital Collaboration Design”. This was followed by four workshops on this topic. One of these workshops was designed by NEWWORKABLES and was titled: “From Vote to Conciden: What if there was an app that led to better team decisions?” It is always a great experience to feel the great and concentrated interest when we present CONCIDE and the other way of making decisions that can bring more self-organization and responsibility into organizations.

    The event was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Chair of Personnel Management.


    Prof. Dr. Wald currently makes a survey on digital leadership: survey-digital-leadership.

    Feel welcome to participate!


  • Impressions from the Change Congress in Berlin, November 2018

    CHANGE CONGRESS 2018 with the motto “Revolutionize! Führung und Strukturen mutig gestalten”.

    We were there: Transformation Tool Pitch with CONCIDE.

  • About CONCIDE

    Have you already watched our video on CONCIDE? It makes the differences between CONCIDE and common ways of decisionmaking even more understandable. This video is the result of our last weeks work – and thanks to Carsten Knappe und Stefan Nickl from GotIt! in Munich a product of best ever collaboration. You can tell by watching the video! 🙂

  • Berlin – we are coming!

    Yes, we made it! Together with only six other companies we were chosen to present our CONCIDE app at the Transformation Tool Pitch. It is part of the program at this years CHANGE CONGRESS on November 20th and 21st. “Revolutionize! Design leadership and structures courageously” is the motto of CHANGE CONGRESS 2018. A good opportunity to introduce CONCIDE! See also