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  • First CONCIDE webtraining

    Our trainers Martina and Patrizia held a web training. The already trained trainers Inge and Silvia as well as Gernot, Johanna, Monica (from Canada), Tina and Thorsten took part. Here are a few impressions for you:


    Gernot aus Berlin:
    “Thank you very much for the very inspiring web training on the use of CONCIDE. I got to know the method of systemic consensus and CONCIDE very well. Both benefits and challenges have become very clear to me and you, dear Martina and dear Patrizia, have combined the theoretical framework with practical examples and personal experience of the application in a good way. Thank you very much for that. I am encouraged to be able to act as a multiplier for this efficient decision-making model.“

    Silvia aus Rapperswil:
    I took part in the web training as a “freshly certified concide trainer” to delve a little deeper into the world of concide. I liked the personable and structured moderation of the web training. Martina and Patrizia complemented each other in a pleasant way. We participants were included and could actively participate. Through the questions of the participants and the resulting discussions, I was able to deal with the topics of decision-making in groups, systemic consensus and the possibilities and challenges of the app. The session was entertaining, interesting and fun. Many thanks Martina and Patrizia for the great moderation of the zoom session and the participants for their active participation.

    Johanna aus München:
    „An entertaining and informative web training on the subject of decision-making with CONCIDE. I especially enjoyed the exchange in the group under the pleasant guidance of Patrizia and Martina! “

    Inge aus Moosburg:
    On June 30th, 2020 I was allowed to take part in the CONCIDE online training. It was moderated by Patrizia Patz and Martina Unger. Under her leadership, the group engaged various common decision-making processes and went through them with a lot of humor, which finally led to a „Concision“ with relief, i. H. quick and easy decision-making through systemic consensus with the help of CONCIDE, which required little discussion in terms of information and exchange of views. I found the online seminar to be very entertaining and interactive. Thanks to the good structure and very substantial PowerPoint presentations at suitable points, there was plenty of information and learning through experience. I find the resulting clarity very helpful in which situations SK or CONCIDE is the means of choice and where there is crucial preparation or other tools.


  • We have trained three new trainers!

    Jens Uhlemann from Dortmund, Silvia Staub from Rapperswil in Switzerland and Viola Zintl from Munich have magnificent personalities. They joined us from coaching, organizational consulting, systemic consensus, mediation and change management. The CONCIDE team is happy to welcome three new experts.

  • Three new Trainers for the CONCIDE Team!

    In February we (Patrizia Patz and I) qualified three new trainers: Inke Ankenbauer-Wild, Martina Unger and Tom Müller.
    Thus, our CONCIDE team is now enriched by additional competent, joyful experts.

  • Check-in training with MaibornWolff

    The first check-in training for CONCIDE has been held!

    MaibornWolff, the Munich-based IT company that annually wins the first place of „Great Place to Work“, is just starting the beta phase with its first pioneer teams. For three months CONCIDE will be put through its paces. This will provide us with valuable feedback that will be used in the further development of the app.

    The time when interested parties have to wait for CONCIDE is over!

    The picture shows our clever and sympathetic new colleagues from MaibornWolff, who started a deep introduction to the topic of „group decisions“ with our certified CONCIDE trainers Angelika Nürnberger and Patrizia Patz.


  • Concide App: basic

    We are happy about the launch of our first „baby“ CONCIDE basic!

    Last week the first B2B version of CONCIDE®  was launched live by our development team Flyacts.

    May CONCIDE basic be helpful to companies and organizations!



  • Workshop: Sales & Negotiation

    God dag!

    We’ve had the pleasure to had the American Kane Minkus trained us to “sales professionals” in his “Sales & Negotiation”-Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Not to the kind who handles the costumer for their own good. That kind who wants to find out if the potential buyer is a match for our product or rather if our service fits them. It should be approached with mutual appreciation and without manipulation and insistence, respectively.

    Kane, who is an eloquent orator, showed us how to stay relaxed and react flexibly to different situations. Now it’s on us to practice!

    By the way, who are our trainers? There’s our German trainer Patrizia from Emotional Empowerment and author of „Gefühle – Emotional gesund in einer rationalen Welt“, Marianne our Finnish trainer from NordicDNACoaching and Angelika from Newworkables!

    Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag! Have a good day!


  • Bits & Pretzels 2019

    Yes, we concide!
    This is our motto for the Bits & Pretzels Festival of Founders in Munich. Three days full of exciting lectures. We were able to experience some great impressions in the ICM exhibition hall. Personalities such as Barack Obama, Jessica Alba, Drew Houston, Reid Hoffman and many more shared their experiences with us and unique conversations arose.

  • Now also on Instagram

    Afraid to miss CONCIDE news? Then you can find us now under @concide.
    Follow us, so that you don’t miss anything!
    We are looking forward to creating our account in the coming weeks with current news, info and pictures for you.

  • First CONCIDE Trainer Training

    In January we trained our first four CONCIDE Trainers. They will support us to introduce the business app CONCIDE in organizations and companies. In the BayernLab Wunsiedel we found the perfect training surroundings.

    After three intensive and inspiring days of training we are happy to have founded our pioneer group of CONCIDE trainers.

  • CONCIDE at the HR Innovation Christmas Special in Leipzig

    We were invited to Leipzig for a Christmas Special as part of the annual HR Innovation Days. The keynote was: „HR Management Reloaded – Digital Collaboration Design“. This was followed by four workshops on this topic. One of these workshops was designed by NEWWORKABLES and was titled: „From Vote to Conciden: What if there was an app that led to better team decisions?“ It is always a great experience to feel the great and concentrated interest when we present CONCIDE and the other way of making decisions that can bring more self-organization and responsibility into organizations.

    The event was organized by the Faculty of Economics and Industrial Engineering of the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences, Chair of Personnel Management.


    Prof. Dr. Wald currently makes a survey on digital leadership: survey-digital-leadership.

    Feel welcome to participate!


  • Impressions from the Change Congress in Berlin, November 2018

    CHANGE CONGRESS 2018 with the motto „Revolutionize! Führung und Strukturen mutig gestalten“.

    We were there: Transformation Tool Pitch with CONCIDE.

  • About CONCIDE

    Have you already watched our video on CONCIDE? It makes the differences between CONCIDE and common ways of decisionmaking even more understandable. This video is the result of our last weeks work – and thanks to Carsten Knappe und Stefan Nickl from GotIt! in Munich a product of best ever collaboration. You can tell by watching the video! 🙂

  • Berlin – we are coming!

    Yes, we made it! Together with only six other companies we were chosen to present our CONCIDE app at the Transformation Tool Pitch. It is part of the program at this years CHANGE CONGRESS on November 20th and 21st. „Revolutionize! Design leadership and structures courageously“ is the motto of CHANGE CONGRESS 2018. A good opportunity to introduce CONCIDE! See also