God dag!

We’ve had the pleasure to had the American Kane Minkus trained us to “sales professionals” in his “Sales & Negotiation”-Workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. Not to the kind who handles the costumer for their own good. That kind who wants to find out if the potential buyer is a match for our product or rather if our service fits them. It should be approached with mutual appreciation and without manipulation and insistence, respectively.

Kane, who is an eloquent orator, showed us how to stay relaxed and react flexibly to different situations. Now it’s on us to practice!

By the way, who are our trainers? There’s our German trainer Patrizia from Emotional Empowerment and author of „Gefühle – Emotional gesund in einer rationalen Welt“, Marianne our Finnish trainer from NordicDNACoaching and Angelika from Newworkables!

Ha en fortsatt trevlig dag! Have a good day!